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Small Scale Production

At Billson Buff we can use our expertise and 3D printing facilities to produce small to medium scale production runs of consumer products, technical parts and prototypes. We ensure high levels of tolerance of parts and repeatable, sustainable outcomes.

High Value Sales

Consumer items designed, produced and delivered

If you would like add value to your business by offering unique products on a quick turnaround, then we would love to work with you to bring your ideas to market.

Our work is based on high-value from ourselves, and low-commitment requirements from you.


Scaleable Quantities

Don't be caught short...

We can use our machines to produce quantities anywhere from single digit runs, up to the thousands.

Once we have a design and appropriate file, we can repeatedly produce the same item as when you need it and with our design facilities, we can make adjustments where needed, as your needs change.

Simply get in touch as and when you need to order new parts, and we can deliver in a timely fashion.

Batch Quantities

Affordable alternatives to injection molding and casting for small to medium scale.

Typical production methods for small parts are prohibitively expensive for small businesses. The costs of importing injection molded items from overseas often requires thousands of pounds.

We are proud to offer a service that offers high quality, repeatable outcomes whilst minimising cost and the environmental impact of overseas shipping.


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