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3D  Printing Services

The 3D printers are the backbone of our service.

We use a range of professional quality printers to provide high quality finished products to our clients. We only use plant-derived bioplastics which are easily recycled and take pride in finishing pleasing, useful and creative designs.

The products below are items that we have both designed and printed ourselves in the studio.

Print Requests

Our 'On-Demand' Service for You

If you already have the the digital file of the design you would like printed, then we will be happy to print it for you. 

We have produced a range of items from jewellery stands to table-top gaming scenery. In our experience, very few designs will print easily without some analysis and careful preparation before being printed. This is why we offer a 2 week lead time as standard.

Our pricing is based on the number of hours required to print the finished part, so we do not benefit from trying to fit your part into size categories which may not be cost effective for you.

Contact us with your details for a quote.

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A complete Service?

Design, Print, Deliver!

Our favourite jobs are ones that use all our skills.

This toy to the left was printed on our own printers, and it is a custom design developed 100% within the Billson Buff studio. 

If you are looking for a designer to print a bespoke, quality product, we will be happy to be at your service.

Batch Quantities

Affordable alternatives to injection molding and casting for small to medium scale.

Typical production methods for small parts are prohibitively expensive for small businesses. The costs of importing injection molded items from overseas often requires thousands of pounds.

We are proud to offer a service that offers high quality, repeatable outcomes whilst minimising cost and the environmental impact of overseas shipping.


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