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Design Services

We offer a range of 3D design services including CAD technology, organic modelling, VR modelling for characters and environments, product rendering and product design. Whatever product you need developed, we will find the most appropriate means to turn your idea into reality.

Computer Aided Design

Technical Drawings, Prototyping, Product Design.

Computer-aided design, or commonly abbreviated as CAD, is the use of computers to produce the technical diagrams and plans that will go on to be used as the basis for various forms of manufacture and production. CAD allows engineers to make precise measurements and layouts. 

At Billson Buff, we use a range of CAD programs depending on the needs of the task.

CAD example.png

Organic Modelling

Characters, Toys, Branding and Merchandise

Organic Modelling is a type of CAD but is more likely to be used for objects which have soft edges.

These objects are more likely to be toys, figurines or products used as wearable items, accessories and artistic pieces.

The technology we use in the studio is a range of desktop technology as well as cutting edge, VR technology.

Product Rendering

3D Images, Video Assets and Graphics

Renders are the finished 3D images that are seen in marketing and advertising material.

In the render, the finished 3D model is 'posed' in software and digital lighting arrangements set up.

The video above is a 360 render of a figurine, and the image to the right is a detail of a design that was turned into a pewter casting of a front door number.


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