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Our highest priority is developing great relationships with our clients and as such we try to keep our pricing as transparent as possible. If what we are offering doesn't suit your budget or you have any questions about our costing, please email us and we will do our best to meet your needs.


Design service costs are simply set at a daily and half daily rate.

  • Half day:

    • £120

  • Full day:  

    • £200

These prices include the costs associated with using a range of CAD and modelling applications, phone calls and emails, production of finished deliverables, renders, modifications and ensuring that designs can be 3D printed.

What can be done in half a day?

  • Custom design of a branded keyring, with 3D printing compliance.

  • Technical design of a rotational knob for an industrial tool with precision measurements.

  • Rendering a predesigned object.

What can be done in a full day?

  • Prototyping a limited range of 3D printable merchandise.

  • Technical design of 3 rotational knobs for an industrial tool with precision measurements.

  • Delivering multiple renders or images of a range of predesigned objects.

What could be done in a week?

  • Custom design of a fully articulated toy or action figure.

  • A full suite of branding merchandise with a range of 3D printed deliverables ready to send to a printer.

  • Testing and rapid prototyping of industrial housings, boxes, tools or devices.

3D Printing Service

Our 3D printing service is priced as whichever of these is the highest:

  • £40, or

  • Total printing time at £1 per hour plus material costs, and 50% extra per colour change if required.

Why do we use a flat rate?


Every 3D print requires alignment and file preparation; it doesn't matter if your print is 20mm or 150mm wide. In addition, nearly all prints will need 'post-production' finishing such as removing 'supports' from the body of the print. All prints demand some level of observation or intervention to ensure a quality finish.

We do not price our service by 'small', 'medium' or 'large' sizings. In our experience, the most cost effective solutions for our clients only charge where necessary.

Branding and 

Our Branding and Merchandising offer is based on combined pricing for the 3D Design and 3D Printing service.

As such, when you use Billson Buff to produce and deliver your branding and merchandising material, we will do our best to consolidate our costs into the most cost effective package we can.

For example, if you order 200 keyrings (20mm x 60mm x 5mm) that are custom branded with a logo or image of your choice, we will waive the half day design fee and include this in the cost of printing.

The best prices can be agreed upon quotation so please get in touch- everyone client has different needs beyond the scope of this pricing guide.

Small-Scale Production

Bulk Orders receive discounted rates.

1-100 parts at 1/unit.

101-500 parts at 0.95/unit

501+ parts at 0.9/unit

These prices exclude design costs.

Whilst Billson Buff aims to use plant-based bioplastics, we recognise that some industrial demands require higher strength or resistant materials.

Specific needs can be discussed and agreed upon at quotation.

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